SafeJawz  Single Mouthguard for Upper & Lower Brace Protection

SafeJawz ® Single Mouthguard for Upper & Lower Brace Protection

Dentists and orthodontists advocate the mandatory wearing of mouthguards for school children when participating in a contact sport.
If a child is injured during a sports game, it is likely that they will not be covered by a dental insurance plan if they are not using mouth protection in the form of a mouthguard.

Understanding the importance of dental safety, the RFU state that mouthguards are a compulsory piece of equipment for all participants above school level including County, Division and England Representative Squads, however there are still a number of competitors who are unaware of the significance of mouthguards.
Recent studies have shown that 13-39% of all dental injuries are sports related and 25% of children in the UK will injure or lose a tooth while playing sports, underlining the value of wearing mouthguards during sporting activities.

When you are confident in your equipment, and you are able to express yourself however you choose, half the battle is already won. Since launching, SAFEJAWZ has protected thousands of athletes around the World, from grassroots level up to World Champions and is endorsed by the IMMAF.