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Welcome to Orthoshop Web Site!

Offering the orthodontic patient easy access to orthodontic homecare products, to help maintain and improve their oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment and beyond

New Brexit Changes from 1st January 2021

Please note to all our Overseas Customers -
Due to New Brexit Changes from 1st January 2021 we will no longer be able to ship our products overseas via this website.
If you are having problems sourcing these products locally please contact info@orthoshop.co.uk who maybe able to assist further.


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Best Sellers

Swirl Plus Daily Fluoride Mouthrinse - 500ml

Swirl Plus Daily Fluoride Mouthrinse - 500ml


+ Free Orthodontic Brush

A new and improved formula contains a special blend of natural mint oils to create a Cool Refreshing Peppermint Flavour

* Fluoride Releasing
* Alcohol Free
* 0.05% Sodium Fluoride
* Made in the UK




'Swirl is a registered trademark'

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Sold individually

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Morgan Lip Bumper - 12" length

Morgan Lip Bumper - 12


The Morgan Bumper is a C-Shaped Channel Strip, made of soft, pliable PVC Material, chosen for it's flexibility and adaptability at body temperature.
Supplied in 12" lengths, simply cut the desired length required and slide over brackets.
The C-Channel undercut locks under the bracket tie-wings, holding the Morgan Bumper in place, between the brackets and lips/cheeks.
Morgan Lip Bumper provides excellent comfort for musicians when playing wind instruments.
Universal design, fits upper and lowers braces.

Sold individually in 12" lengths, Available in three colours : Purple, Green or clear.

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Brace Gard TM Relief Wax - Each

Brace Gard TM Relief Wax - Each


Brace Gard TM is a wax strip that protects your gums from braces rubbing against them, it is a transparent strip of wax which has a pleasing appearance and it can be removed from your braces without leaving a residue.

Sold individually

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Platypus Orthodontic Flosser

Platypus Orthodontic Flosser


The easiest way to floss with braces

EASY! - Single-handed flossing that fits easily under archwires and between brackets

FAST! - Floss your entire mouth in less than 2 minutes

CONVENIENT! - Floss and toss, fights bad breath anywhere, anytime

EFFECTIVE! - Flossing with braces is essential for avoiding periodontal disease and tooth decay. Increases flossing compliance up to 80%

# 1 Recommended Orthodontic Flossers in the USA

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30 flossers per bag

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