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Wax & Lip Protectors

OrthoDots  Clear Pack of 12

OrthoDots ® Clear Pack of 12

OrthoDots are made of a transparent medical-grade silicone and contain a proprietary moisture-activated adhesive layer, so there is no need to dry brackets before applying. OrthoDots are 20 times more pliable than leading dental wax, and also stay on longer. They are safe to use while eating and drinking.
* Relieves irritation from braces
* Moisture activated
* Stays on longer than dental wax

Sold in a box of 12 OrthoDots

Price: 7.63

Traditional Relief Wax - Each

Traditional Relief Wax - Each

Ideal for emergency use away from the orthodontist should your appliance irritate the mouth. Softens quickly with warmth of fingers, easily applied and moulded to site of irritation for temporary relief.

Five strips per pack.

Price: 1.38

Morgan Lip Bumper - 12

Morgan Lip Bumper - 12" length - Clear

The Morgan Bumper is a C-Shaped Channel Strip, made of soft, pliable PVC Material, chosen for it's flexibility and adaptability at body temperature.
Supplied in 12" lengths, simply cut the desired length required and slide over brackets.
The C-Channel undercut locks under the bracket tie-wings, holding the Morgan Bumper in place, between the brackets and lips/cheeks.
Morgan Lip Bumper provides excellent comfort for musicians when playing wind instruments.
Universal design, fits upper and lowers braces.

Sold individually in 12" lengths

Price: 7.35