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About Us

Orthoshop was set up to help orthodontic patients obtain the products needed
to maintain good oral hygiene whilst wearing fixed appliances.

Our products are not normally available in high street shops as they are considered too specialised, with insufficient numbers sold.
We are a specialist orthodontic supply company and as such we have sourced
the essential items you may require.

Payment can be made by Credit/Debit card or cheque. Please allow 7-10 days for Credit/Debit Card orders and 21 days for orders paid by cheque.

This website will only give sterling prices with UK VAT.
Customers ordering outside the UK will be charged according to the appropriate VAT for their country according to UK and Irish regulations.
This will not show as your checkout price!

If you would like further information, or help, please email us on info@orthoshop.co.uk